Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Contour Table and Chair by Bodo Sperlein

London based designer Bodo Sperlein has introduced the Contour table and chair at the 2009 London Design Festival.

From the designer:

The Contour table and chair are part of a capsule furniture collection which continues his signature style of sensual and curvaceous forms – this time however working on a larger scale. The final shapes strongly reflect the design process, based around folding flexible and malleable materials such as paper, to create a series of dynamic curves and forms.

The chair exudes a simple elegance, and has been designed to look like a single sculpted sheet. A ribbon-like profile draws the eye effortlessly around a series of loops terminating in slender legs that conceal their true strength. The lines of a traditional table have been elongated, and embellished with curves. Concaved sections play on negative space, and give the table a ‘lightness’ that contrasts with the weight and solidity of the hardwood from which it is made.

Totally RAD !!!!
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