Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Exhibition Of New Works On Paper By Greg Lauren

After taking a closer look, you realize the garments are made of fine paper manipulated to resemble different fabrics. There is a meticulous care for the details because the creases, wrinkles and folds ironically give the impression that these clothes have been worn down by time.

Lauren hand-sews each piece as an attempt to explore not only the process of an artisan, but the garment as a canvas for identity, aspirations and symbolism. The exhibition is composed of iconic men’s wear pieces such as the black tuxedo, white polo, trench coat, plaid shirt and leather motorcycle jacket.

Lauren does not criticize, but questions how these clothes help shape the making of one’s own image. Having Ralph Lauren as an uncle, the artist states he was taught “to dress like Cary Grant and JFK, but actually felt more like Charlie Chaplin or Oliver Twist.” Greg Lauren’s new work is a personal investigation of authenticity, style icons and male archetypes.

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