Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BAPE x The Beatles

A Bathing Ape x The Beatles

It’s official! The Beatles revival has caught on! After COMME des GARÇONS, BAPE joins in the collaboration streak that John, Paul, George and Ringo seem to be on with its own capsule collection of products. Featuring tees, knit sweaters and accessories that fuse both parties’ style and aesthetics together (think the famed v-neck knit sweater the members donned remade with the band’s picture and logo, BAPE rewritten in The Beatles’ typography, the ape sharing tee space with the yellow submarine…). And our favorite, a ragingly colorful pictorial tee depicting the band members looming over a BAPE shaped flower hedge. Check out the pictures previewed on the Kanye West Blog and stay tuned for more information to follow.

Never count Nigo out..he's one of the most influential designers of this decade...