Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kanye's Fashion Influence in the Decade

Complex Magazine Style Trends

In keeping up with their top 100 lists, Complex has put together a list of style trends that ruled the decade. The Top 100 Style Trends of the 2000s showcases fashion trends that shook pop culture and influenced the masses. Now, I haven’t actually had the chance to look through the entire list, but there are definitely trends on the list that Kanye West either spearheaded or was at least notorious for.

Here are some of those notable Kanye-influenced fashion trends that made Complex’s list:

93. Popped Collars: This speaks for itself. Kanye passed on oversized jerseys in 03/04 and opted to pop the collar on his Ralph Lauren Polo shirts.

87. Large Plastic Shades: From the infamous shutter shades to the more recent Super sunglasses, Kanye’s eye-wear game never lacks.

79. Legos: During the release of 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye religiously wore several Dee & Ricky lego heart brooches during interviews and shows.

11. Keffiyeh Scarves: Kanye first appeared with the keffiyeh in the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” music video. It was essentially a wrap (yes, pun intended) after that, as it became a staple accessory for hipsters, the fashion-forward, and ultimately, posers.

As I said, there’s several trends on this top 100 list that can easily be associated with Kanye’s style (past and present), so go through the list and see if you can identify those additional style trends.

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