Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check out 2fresh4yall Artist Dido Fontana

Dido's first book called "Didocentrico"

raw, sexy, provocative, explosive, anti-fashion!

Born in Italy in the early 70s Dido Fontana grew up surrounded by his dad’s camera and art works, doing himself art with different media, readying the big giants, lifting weights and looking at every kind of imagery.

In this way in his mind increased an extraordinary heterogenic plethora of images you now can find in his photos which represent not only a figure and where there’s no message but a world.

His soul is baroque and his eye is damned and voyeuristic but his style is raw and sexual, fashion and anti-fashion at the same time.But first of all it is direct and pure, without alternations or embellishments. Dido's first book is avaiable HERE.

Dido Fontana is right now exposing his art in a well know gallery in Piacenza.

Didocentrico for more click HERE

Remember the name!