Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How To Dress Like Jaden Smith


Remember when Complex showed you how to dress like Diggy Simmons and some people hated because they’re not above throwing shade to a 14-year-old? And it’s almost like their haterade was a good luck charm or something ’cause then Diggy got a deal on Atlantic and it is only going to contribute to his shoe collection? Well, you know else has killer style? Eleven-year-old Jaden Smith ’cause dude (or his stylist) puts together a fresh get up. And you know these proportions are a tailoring challenge. We spotted the Will Smith x Jada Pinkett collabo last week attending Show West (where he collected the Breakthrough Male Star of the Year trophy), so here’s the guide to getting the new Karate Kid’s steez. And if you’re hating for the sole reason of Jaden being a child, then you’re the worst because Wu-Tang Clan is for the kids, and Trick love the kids too. Son.

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Source: Complex