Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blackberry Empathy: An Emotional Conversation

BlackBerry Empathy

Slowly but surely RIM keeps making improvements on devices baring the Blackberry stamp.  The worlds most respected name in smart phones has some new gadget tricks in the works with a new mobile phone called Blackberry Empathy currently in development.  The forward moving concept behind the Empathy is that it comes equipped with a biometric ring that is able to pinpoint the mood that you and your contacts are in at a given moment, and then make that mood known to the rest of your network.  This begs the question will we ever call someone again and ask “is this a bad time?”
The BlackBerry Empathy features a QWERTY keyboard and all other standard BB features that “crackberry” addicts can’t live without.

BB Empathy
BB Empathy1
BB Empathy2
BB Empathy4

Blackberry Empathy Preview for more click HERE