Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots

I was paroozing through one of my new favorite blogs and found a short film by Cam Beand Jeff Baraka called The Legendary: A Film About The Roots. I found the film to be really inspiring. It was a candid look at The Roots on and off the stage with a couple short interviews with Black Thought and Questlove. Black Thought talks about how working with so many different artists gives them such good range in the music they learn and play Questlove humbly talks about how it’s just a coincidence they were born at the right time to be who they are today. The cinematography was really good, shot in black and white and I got a good sense of how much fun they all have on stage. I’m a big fan of The Roots and this short film just adds to my love for the band.

Producer Cam:
I have always been a huge fan of the music created by the best band to ever grace the Hip-Hop genre. In this film I wanted to not only highlight the versatility of a group that has played with most everyone in the industry. But also capture candid moments of real human beings just trying to share the gifts they have been given to the best of their abilities.

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots for more click HERE

Legendary...nothing more to say...