Monday, December 12, 2011

#NikeAirYeezy2 Wrap-Up

After a couple of ppl were hitting me up and asking me about the Yeezy 2.0 and my opinion I thought lets wrape it up in a min.

I was surfing the net and came across this closeup on the WIZARTE Blog, also a blog for your daily feed.

The first look we got of the potential Yeezy wasn't exact this model, the sneaker looked more calm, no neon colours just the golden buckle and white sole were disturbing the all black in a good way. I liked the previous model but this one is louder but in a sophisticated way. The pink and sneak skin details with the dope "glow in the dark" sole just fit perfect to the simple black. I guess there will be three colourways again, I mean...I hope so, we had the chance to catch another colour right here. This sneaker will again be not for everybody, it's more a size of a basketball shoe and kind of futuristic with the riffled back, which reminds me on a dinosaur or a lizard, so ppl in Swizzy will complain, but I guess thats no news.

Unfortunately no news on the release yet.