Monday, June 11, 2012

New #MacBookPro2012

Apple is coming at us with the new designed MacBook Pro. Retina Display, lighter and thinner. I guess they'll be focusing also on games now.

Here some of the interesting facts:

- Fastest quad-core i7 processors- Up to 2.7 GHz Turbo Boost- Up to 16GB memory, 1600 MHz RAM- Next-gen Kepler graphics (GeForce GT 650M)- Up to 768GB fast flash storage- Battery: Up to 7 hours, 30 days in standby- SD Card, HDMI, USB2/3 on right side- MagSafe 2, Thunderbolt (2 ports) USB2/3, headphone on left side- Multitouch trackpad- Dual mics- Bluetooth 4.0- FaceTimd HD camera- 802.11n Wi-Fi- Backlit keyboard- 4.46 lbs. (ca. 2 kg)

That's what I was waiting for.