Thursday, November 1, 2012

#DeeCeeStyle #Zurich

DeeCee Style is not a Boutique. DeeCee style is a platform. Under a roof, just behinde Zurich's Paradeplatz, exclusive leather jackets meet the world best denim jeans and chinos. Unique accessories, hand-made footwear and quality travel bags round off the select range for women and men. Besides labels young brands like BBC / Ice Cream the range goes over Double RL, Stone Island, Bleu de Paname to name just a couple. Check DeeCee Style's Brandview for more on the brands they carry.

Labels are not everything! is one of their mayn statements. First and foremost they offer products. Labels are important but secondary. They make no compromises in the quality, sustainability and timelessness of our products. Originals authorize the variety.

DeeCee Style unites classic style with innovation. Clothes without history are worthless and short-lived. Their range is not subject to fashions and the Milan or Paris catwalk what is a big impact in the character of the store.
"Quality is our obsession, real values our mission and service our language.
That is why shopping at DeeCee Style is a personal experience."
I just can emphasize that. The consultation is just perfect. The knowledge about the products and style is def. tangible.

DeeCee Style
Talacker 21
8001 Z├╝rich

 Check out the pictures and stay tuned for more. THE24CLUB is happy to announce more coolaborative projects soon.

Pay a visit. You wont regret!

Pictures and text: Nagard Tetsuya