Monday, November 12, 2012

"AVE MARIA" The Trace Gallery NeoPop-x-mas Sale

The Trace Gallery celebrates its first birthday with ‘Ave Maria’, a Neo-Pop Christmas exhibition to captivate every visitor. The show is headlined by famous names from the US: Shepard Fairey, alias OBEY; David Flores; The Free Humanity; Benjamin Alejandro; and Desire Obtain-Cherish. From France: Combo Culture Kidnapper and Le Diamantaire. A selection of works from emerging Swiss Street-Art stars Celine Quadri and Obiel1 as well as Brits Mos Shaw and NME will complement the Americans.

‘Ave Maria’ is a collaboration with Haki Cakmak from ‘Rue de l’Est’, an Urban Art cool hunter with insider access to artists, collectors and other early adopters in this dynamic scene between so-called high and low. The Trace Gallery will be transformed into a treasure trove of limited edition drawings and prints from key figures in the Urban Art movement, not to mention books, magazines, toys and accessories.

Coming soon: The Trace Gallery Online Shop
‘Ave Maria’ will be an optical feast in the gallery, and, for the first time, online too. From the opening onwards all the works in the show will be available online, in addition to all limited editions to date, which make a key element of The Trace Gallery programme.