Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ho Ho Ho...Street Art knockin at ya doe!

If you love, heart, seek, hunt, collect and cherish street art and your around Zurich or even Swizzy, then i'm sure you must have heard about the 'Ave Maria' X-Mas Sale @ The Trace Gallery in Zurich(we told you) still open until dec 24th. The likes of Benjamin Alejandro, The Free Humanity or even David Flores, just to name a few, have their work up in there for consideration and sale.

This weekend very special guests are announced at The Trace, its Le Diamantaire and Combo Culture Kidnapper both from Paris. Le Diamantaire will live produce a Diamond at the Gallery longside some glogg on Friday 7th and on Saturday 8th Combo will exclusively present their film 'Tschernobyl' in witch they put up Wheat Pastes all over the tragic ruins of the city the film is named after. Art and the City, thats what it looks like.