Monday, March 25, 2013

#Grafik13 recap

 These past four days at Grafik13 have been filled with pleasure, creativity, good vibes and over 6500 visitors. We attended the opening on Thursday to find a fully crowded place not even an hour after they unlocked the doors. The volume and variety of work on display was astonishing, you could find anything from full digital illustrations to fully handmade paintings, a really nice mix curated by Harun 'Shark' Dogan. Grafik 13 is aimed at capturing the current swiss trends of grafic desing, visual art, typography and illustration. The whole weekend was high lighted by various live activities where visitors had the chance to meet and greet visual artists and watch  them as they create. We enjoyed it a lot and look forward to come back next year for Grafik14. 

More pics after the jump.

The 3D printed and limited 'Sound Boy' toy of Grafik13.

YOOTEA's live painting with Rips1, Oibel1 and Fafa and many more...

One of our personal high lights: The portable Screen Print Kit by

The blueprint for this table was fully made with illustrator, no 3D programs needed.

The visual artist Fredinko asked the visitors to help him complete his piece by fillng it out with colors.

Results of the YOOTEA live painting.
Oibel1's wine box.

Pictures: Nagard Tetsuya