Friday, May 14, 2010

The Holy Trinity Of Football For Louis Vuitton

Selectism - The Holy Trinity Of Football For Louis Vuitton

With the World Cup just days away, Louis Vuitton launches their latest campaign featuring the “Holy Trinity” of footie (soccer for the Americanos). The “Core Values” campaign features three of the world’s greatest players ever. Yes, ever.

Pele – simply the Brasilian legend who was also an integral part of the (slight) rise of the game in the USA during the 70’s. Maradona – the pure talent of an Argentinian. All “hands of god” aside, the man was clearly exceptional on the field (off is another thing). And of course Zidane who valiantly showed that if you dare discuss mothers on the pitch, you will feel consequences.
The campaign was shot by Annie Lebowitz. “The dedicated website will feature a conversation between the three players, in which they discuss their careers, recall the great matches they played in, and exchange views on the world’s favourite game. To finish, Pelé and Zidane challenge each other to a match of table football.”

The Holly Trinity Of Football...LV is doing it again!