Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blue Side Park - @MacMiller

Despite the fact that he’s approaching 1.2 million followers on Twitter, you could be forgiven for never having heard of Mac Miller. His large fan-base of suburban teens has generally been the saving grace of the music business for the last decade or so, but anyone not in that age group has at least once seen a name on top of the Billboard charts and thought “who” It’s easy to condescend to “kids stuff,” but not everything that’s popular among teens is necessarily juvenile and you could easily miss out on a lot of great music by ignoring the Justin Biebers and Wolf Gangs in favor of the hot new indie band your friends like. That said, you could be forgiven for skipping Blue Side Park—sorry, Mac. My current location Swizterland is the perfect example.

Haven that said, according to Hits Daily Double, which builds albums sales chart and updated every 5 minutes Mondays and Tuesdays, before results gets to SoundScan, Mac Miller’s “Blue Side Park” album sold 148,915 copies on its first week of release (#1 on the Billboard charts).

01. English Lane  
02. Blue Slide Park  
03. Party On Fifth Ave  
04. PA Nights  
05. Frick Park Market  
06. Smile Back  
07. Under The Weather  
08. Of The Soul  
09. My Team  
10. Up All Night  
11. Loitering Album Only  
12. Hole In My Pocket  
13. Diamonds & Gold  
14. Missed Calls  
15. Man In The Hat  
16. One Last Thing

I think he has great potential and he's getting better n better with every drop. Get the album on iTunes.