Wednesday, November 16, 2011


SBNB – STRESS by NAVYBOOT is an artist to artist collaboration between NAVYBOOT, the Swiss premium brand for shoes and accessories, and musician and rapper Andres Andrekson aka STRESS: Music meets Fashion.

The central theme of the long–term SBNB collection is “The Battle of Sempach” (Switzerland 1386) and the associated legend of hero Arnold von Winkelried. This historically significant battle along with elements from old Swiss jass playing cards have been creatively interpreted to embody NAVYBOOT’s Swiss roots. The battle, seen as a symbol for multi-cultural Switzerland, is also reinterpreted on the cover of “Renaissance 2”, Stress’ new album.

The SBNB collection with its six models is a collection purely for men. It incorporates high and low top sneakers, boat and desert shoes as well as loafers and penny loafers that are designed and produced with the coolness factor of sneakers and sneaker technology.

The six models come in a range of presentations grouped into three lines so that the collection consists of a total of twenty shoes including three pairs in the high-end range, seven in the core range and ten shoes (including flip flops) in the basic range. A rucksack completes the collection.

The SBNB logo shows a rose modified from the old jass playing cards. This motive is also stamped on the metal rivets, which decorate the shoes’ soles. The diamond design, which is set in 3D in all soles, has also been evolved from and inspired by the jass playing cards.

The high-end range is also defined by a particularly elaborate sole that shows the image of “The Battle of Sempach” with Arnold von Winkelried framed in a vibrant turquoise.

The collection’s most stunning eye-catcher is the high top sneaker made of black stingray and patent leather. Materials such as nappa leather in black and white as well as suede and canvas in brown and green tones run through the core and basic ranges and are combined with vibrant accents of turquoise, green and fuchsia. The sneakers’ soles in the core collection come in a grey- white while the sneakers’ soles in the basic collection are completely white.

Prices range from about 129 CHF for the flip flops to about 650 CHF for the high top sneakers with stingray. The SBNB collection will be available in NAVYBOOT stores in Switzerland and in Germany from early December 2011. The campaign featuring Stefan Heinrichs’ photos taken in Berlin in August 2011 shall appear at the same time as the release. It also shows “The Battle of Sempach” in a modern context with STRESS cast as Arnold von Winkelried.